Field Day - Wild Ibera Wetlands

(visit establishment La Esperanza for the day. With activities such as horseback riding and hiking )

Horse back rides through the Ñandubay mounts, the natural habitat for species such as the hare, the fox, the tatú armadillo the over lizard, the viscacha, and birds such as the ostrich, the partridge, the blackberry mandolin, the vizcachera owl, the yellow cardinal, the brown crested cacholote, among many others. You can also discover the local culture reflected in the figure of the Gaucho Correntino, ending the tour with a traditional Argentin Asado and local wine.



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Horseback Rides

Participate of rural activities and gain knowledge of the local culture.






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bird watching

Enjoying nature and allowing you to see a great variety of bird species which will be an unforgettable experience.




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Recognition of native flora







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"Guazu-Cuare" private reserve

Establishment La Esperanza, counts with more then 40 hectars of farm which border the coast of the Ibera Wetlands and has created the private reservation guazú-cuaré. Were you can wander paths, river mounts and forests and discover a wide variety of the local flora and fauna. Once finalized the walk we invite you to visit our 12 meter high deck which over sees the tree tops and is the ideal place to enjoy a unique panoramic view of the Ibera Wetlands, the Fernandez Lagoon and all this natural habitat has to offer.

Leaving behind the mounts discover another unique experience which are the wetlands. Taking a boat ride through the damps and discovering a whole different fauna, crocodiles, armadillos and dear among others.

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boat rides through the Iberá Wetlands

Staying in La Esperanza you can enjoy the Ibera lagoon, for its only 30 kms to the Carlos Pellegrini Colony where you can go with your own transport or we can provide one for you.

La Esperanza can organize boat excursions through the Iberá Wetlands, a walk through the reserves and lunch in the Carlos Pellegrini Colony, which is a half day tour.

Once finalized the tour La Esperanza, will be awaiting your return with a delicious tea or home made meal.



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Exclusive and unique place for nature lovers. Staying in La Esperanza, you will have all the time you need to do activities or just enjoy what nature has to offer.....

Reduced places. Please reserve with anticipation.


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